Why Can’t I Tell if the Hemp is Working?

Hemp is a tool, not a medicine. Like any supplement, it takes awhile for the herb to bring the body back into balance.

Starting with low doses of hemp in one’s diet is the best way to begin the health regime. It is difficult to recommend how much one should consume, since everyone will react differently given their weight and overall health. (It has been recommended a starting point be in the 10-15mg. CBD range per serving)

If you have been taking hemp religiously and are not feeling results from your dosage, increase it slightly and monitor how you feel. You cannot overdose on hemp. If you find yourself feeling fatigued, it could be a sign that you have ingested too much. In that case, back off the dosage to a lower amount. 

This self-monitoring system is key in determining the exact amount for your body. Make certain you are purchasing high quality hemp, which is not processed with heat or chemicals that deplete the healing benefits of hemp.

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