Medicine as Food

Medicine as food: An easier way to implement cannabis into your daily health routine.

The recent signing of the 2018 Farm Bill into law removed hemp and its derivatives, including cannabidiol (CBD), from the Controlled Substance Act. Hemp is obtained from the Cannabis Sativa L. plant and contains very low levels of the psychoactive chemical THC (less than 0.3%). The legalization of hemp is important to health, because hemp contains a plethora of essential omega fatty acids that support the endocannabinoid system with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to support the immune and digestive systems. Many people are now incorporating cannabis into their health routine to gain the benefits of these important nutrients that are a natural part of cannabis.

Cannabis sativa comes in many forms and can be inhaled, ingested or applied topically depending on the benefits desired. For general overall health, ingesting cannabis as part of the diet is one of the easiest methods of incorporating cannabis into a daily routine. 

Because food is also our medicine, Engage Organics has taken the opportunity to add the health benefits of hemp into everything one usually cooks. Our unique concept of fortifying our seasoning blends with whole plant hemp flower powder provides an easy delivery system, for seasoning your favorite foods with the added health benefits of hemp.

For those who want the full spectrum benefits of pure hemp flower, Engage Hemp Health provides the pure hemp flower powder without seasoning. This powder can be added directly to smoothies, salads, sauces, stews where you can control the amount of hemp you want to consume. Now you can reap the health benefits of hemp in the foods you usually prepare daily, by adding the hemp fortified seasoning blends or by including the full spectrum health benefits of the plant itself in a pure powdered form that mixes well in smoothies and sauces.

The availability of adding pure hemp flower powder is unique, because the powder is not extracted from oil, and is not processed with heat or chemicals that can damage the important compounds within the cannabis sativa plant.

Unlike marijuana, hemp does not contain enough THC (less than 0.03%) to have any psychoactive effects, making it an ideal product for everyday use in promoting wellness. Due to federal regulations, we cannot make specific health claims regarding our hemp product. Therefore, it is important to check with your doctor to ensure there is no potential interaction between your current medications and hemp. In addition, it is a good idea to start with a low dose and work your way up, being conscious of the development of any potential side effects, namely drowsiness and dry mouth, that can happen with high doses. 

Engage Hemp Health Seasoning Blends and 100% pure whole plant hemp powder is a revolutionary approach because it provides the option for controlling how much hemp you want to consume with your daily meals. 

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