Hemp Delivery System that Tastes Great!

Engage Organics High-CBD Hemp Flower Powder Extract - CBD-Delivery-System-that-Tastes-Great

With the legalization of cannabis in more states, Hemp is taking its place among other hot-button monikers like Vegan, Soy-free, Dairy-free, Gluten-free, Non-GMO, Organic, and Sugar-free for people wanting to enhance their health and well-being through diet.

A naturally occurring phytocannabinoid compound found in the hemp (Cannabis-sativa) plant  has been ingested via tinctures or supplements—until now.

Because cannabis is a super-food that produces a variety of antioxidant compounds, Engage Organics Hemp Health has combined organic herbs and spices with Hemp to create mouthwatering seasoning blends that offer a unique delivery system for all cooking needs.

Hemp and marijuana are different varieties of the Cannabis genus of plants, bred for different purposes. Hemp is not marijuana. Hemp is a food.

People are using Hemp, which is high in amino acids, Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9, polyunsaturated fatty acids, Gamma Linoleic Acids (GLA’s) and Linoleic Acid, trace minerals, terpenes and flavonoids to promote homeostasis and general wellness in the body.

Because people are turning to hemp as a preventative aid, Engage Hemp Seasoning Blends help you control your own hemp dosage at the table or stove-top. This is a unique delivery system that has absolutely no aftertaste.

Think about it. Hemp health and flavor in everything you cook? It is revolutionary besides creating a unique hemp delivery system we have pioneered a patent-pending extraction process, which produces a whole plant hemp powder free of contaminants and mold, which we add to our seasoning blends to create 2 unique seasonings that can be added to all foods.

The most versatile of the 2 blends is Engage Hemp Health Garlic-Mix, which delivers zest and flavor into everything you cook. The blend is not overpowered by the hemp flower flavor. It’s simply healthy and delicious.

Likewise, the Popcorn-Mix serves up tasty popcorn to satisfy cravings. It is also delicious mixed with Dijon mustard and slathered on chicken. Depending upon your health needs, you control how much or how little hemp seasoning you use.

Adding hemp directly to food via our seasoning blends is a revolutionary delivery system. However, we have also made our Engage Hemp Health Powder  available in 50-gram tins. This unique extract powder, too, can be added directly to food, smoothies, and dog treats; or you can create your own innovative edibles at home or in a commercial kitchen with this high-quality hemp powder.

Most importantly, the whole plant hemp powder, like the individual seasoning blends, provides the option of controlling your hemp dosage in all foods you consume.



Engage Hemp Health Powder sources high-resin, hemp plants from sources where growing hemp is legal. We test the Hemp with a third-party lab before and after processing to ensure our Garlic-Mix and Popcorn-Mix and pure Hemp Powder are high in hemp potency without pesticides or contaminants of any kind.

And yes, hemp is legal. Hemp is a food it is not marijuana. Congress legalized hemp growing and sales for research in 2014 Farm Bill and removed it from the Illegal (add please) Substance Act in 2018.

Because there is a proliferation of hemp products online, it is key to do your own research to determine how the hemp product is grown and processed. Demand unadulterated hemp grown in uncontaminated soil. Reject hemp that was processed with solvents, chemicals and heat. Be aware that chemicals and solvents alter the terpenes and flavonoids in the whole plant.

Our patent-pending process Engage Hemp Health Seasoning Blends and Engage Hemp Health Powder offer a unique delivery system for adding Hemp dosages to your diet in the most healthful way possible, because Nothing is Added and Nothing is Taken Away. We are committed to your hemp health.

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